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Joe Golson
Published by: Joe Golson on 28-May-22
Why an Efficient Sales System is Important to Your Internet Business!

You’re probably aware that it does not matter how attractive your website is or how fantastic the product or service offer that you’re making from that site is either. If no one ever visits your website, it is totally impossible for you to generate any sales so without site visitors, it is equally inevitable that your business is going to collapse around your ears sometime very soon.

Efficient Sales System

You may also understand that sending visitors to your website is not enough because unless those visitors are targeted, your sales process is far less than efficient. This is something we will look at in a little more detail later.

However, for the moment, let’s consider how you attract visitors to your site.Sales funnel,sales system,Efficient Sales System

There are in essence three different ways of pulling visitors onto your web pages.

Firstly, you can buy visitors by using paid advertising like Google AdWords to generate traffic. Doing things this way can be very efficient as long as you know what you’re doing with the possibility of driving visitors to your site in a matter of hours.

On the downside, you have to pay for advertising and it is a fact that when you are using AdWords in particular, it can work out extremely expensive until you have mastered exactly how the system works.

This is because the pricing structure adopted by Google is flexible with the cost of each click on your adverts varying according to whether your adverts and the supporting website at which your ads are ‘pointed’ are constructed in the way that Google want them to be.

There are of course dozens of alternatives to AdWords.

Nevertheless, the fact is that most online marketers use AdWords because nearly 70% of the internet enabled population of the planet use the Google search engine rather than any of the alternatives.

In short, if you want your advertising to be seen by the largest number of potential prospects, then AdWords is the most sensible choice.

With AdWords, it is possible to reduce your costs by making sure that your adverts and your site comply with Google requirements. This can however take time.

The second option is to promote your business for free by publishing keyword focused articles, video materials on sites like YouTube and

Google video, forum marketing and so on. All of these methods are effective but they are usually far slower than using paid advertising and there is considerable time involved in preparing the materials in the first place.

For instance, unless you are an expert article author, it could take you anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour to do your initial research and then write your article. If you were to follow the advice of many experts who suggest that you should always submit at least five or six articles that are based on the same topic or subject matter together, it becomes fairly obvious that even something as simple as creating articles can be pretty time-consuming.

The third option is to ‘borrow’ traffic by getting involved in suitable joint-venture operations with other marketers in your market sector or niche. This is a fantastic way of marketing, because you are leveraging the popularity and market presence of the person you’re working with to generate business. Consequently, joint ventures are often the most successful form of marketing.

However, there is yet again a proviso because joint ventures do not happen overnight. You have to build or develop your relationship with the marketer with whom you’re planning to work and you have to put together a top quality package of marketing materials to make their job as easy as possible. It is likely that you will probably have to spend some time and not a small amount of effort convincing them that you know what you are doing and that everything is ready to go to the market.

If you think about these three different methods of driving traffic to your site, you will probably begin to note that there is a common theme running through everything you have read so far.

Every one of these individual traffic generation strategies has advantages over the others, but at the same time, each of them also has disadvantages. And in every case, the major disadvantage is remarkably similar.

No matter how you set up your systems to drive traffic to your site, there is a cost involved, whether that cost is measured in terms of money (paid advertising) or time (which in business often amounts to pretty much the same thing anyway).

To a certain extent, the way that you promote your business will be decided by your own value judgment of which is more important to you, keeping money in your pocket or saving your time.

In my experience, when you are a complete beginner, it is money that is the most valuable, primarily because you don’t have any. However, as your business becomes more successful and starts to generate income, the importance of time tends to come to the fore as money is always replaceable, but time never is.

And here is another critical thing to understand about the cost of the traffic that you generate to your site.

Each and every one of those visitors is expensive in some way or another. Indeed, getting them to come to your site for the very first time is the most expensive visit you will ever generate. To get to this point, you have had to spend time, money or both to go out onto the internet and ‘grab’ that visitor.

Until you did so, they were not aware of your site or business. Hence, it naturally follows that if you had not gone out there with promotional materials that attracted their attention, you would never have been in a position to present them with your offer.

Thus, it is an inarguable fact that getting new traffic to your site for the very first time is expensive and that any subsequent visit to your site by someone who has already visited costs almost next nothing in comparison.

In some cases, the visitor will return to your site of their own accord, in which case there is really no cost to you at all. Alternatively, they might come back because you have a system in place that encourages them to return.

This system might take some time and effort to set up, but you only have to do the job once, after which your system continually pulls visitors back to your site. The cost per individual return visit is therefore negligible.

Knowing that each first-time visitor is the most expensive that you will ever attract means that it has to make sense to ensure that you do everything possible to turn that visitor into an asset of your business.

This is essentially what having a sales system in place is all about.

An efficient sales system is one that is designed to squeeze every possible cent out of every visitor who ever comes to your site. To go one stage further, it is about maximizing the profits of your business because profits always equal incoming revenue minus costs. As we have already established, the cost of each visitor is the highest it will ever be when they visit for the first time.

So far, I have continually usHeading 4ed the phrase sales system. However, it is relatively common in all forms of business, both online and off, to present this sales process as a funnel.

For more information on how to build an efficient sales funnel - Grab the 17 Step Plan to Build a REAL Sales Funnel!